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Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea

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Blooming Tea

Blooming tea can be an excellent antioxidant tea, with benefits that may include boosting the metabolism, protecting the skin, lowering stress, possibly improving oral and heart health, stimulating cognitive function, and reducing inflammation. It may also help treat respiratory disease, enhance vision, and promote good digestion.

Types Of Blooming Flowers:

Name: Orient Beauty                              Flower:    Rose, Jasmine, Marigold
Name: Marigold Sun                              Flower:    Marigold
Name: Rising Step By Step                     Flower:    Chrysanthemums
Name: Lily Fairy                                      Flower:    Gomphrena, Jasmine
Name: Rising Sun                                   Flower:    Gomphrena & Lily
Name: Being In Full Flower                    Flower:    Gomphrena
Name: First Sight Of Love                      Flower:    Gomphrena, Jasmine & Marigold
Name: Butterfly Dancing                        Flower:    Lily, Jasmine & Marigold
Name: Two Dragons Play Pear               Flower:    Gomphrena, Jasmine & Marigold
Name: Happy Together                          Flower:    Lily & Jasmine
Name: Variety Of Colors                         Flower:    Carnation
Name:  Gold Ingot                                  Flower:    Gomphrena & Jasmine



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